Since hitting the market in 2016, Coca-Cola Freestyle 9000 has reinvented the fountain beverage experience by offering an unprecedented array of drink choices in a fun, interactive format. And the sleek, touchscreen-operated dispensers are boosting guest traffic and beverage sales in restaurants, cinemas, convenience stores and other Coca-Cola customers across Singapore. While traditional fountains offer between six and eight choices, Coca-Cola Freestyle 9000 uses micro-dosing technology to deliver more than 80 beverages on demand, including almost 70 that can’t be found anywhere else in Singapore.

We’re also continuing to look for ways to innovate and enhance the Coca-Cola Freestyle experience. Our latest innovation, the Coca-Cola Freestyle 7000, is a great example. It’s a smaller countertop dispenser that is designed to save space and minimize retrofitting cost. Coca-Cola Freestyle 7000 offers over 50 sparkling and still beverages on demand, including more than 30 low/no-calorie options. This is part of how we’re making low and no-sugar versions of the drinks you love easier to find in more places.

Our research shows that traffic to outlets with a Coca-Cola Freestyle dispenser is higher than outlets without one. This means consumers are seeking out the Freestyle experience largely because of the range of Freestyle-exclusive beverage options they can’t find anywhere else. More than 80 percent of consumers we surveyed said the presence of Freestyle makes the overall restaurant experience more enjoyable.