In November and December 2016, we found an innovative way to increase recycling rates in Singapore. Consumers who recycled their plastic beverage bottles in the “Recycle Happiness Machine” were pleasantly surprised with gifts such as fresh flowers, 1.5 liter bottles of Coca-Cola, or Coca-Cola collectibles such as t-shirts, bags and caps made from recycled plastic bottles. Each gift contained a note to encourage the public to continue recycling. It also informed consumers about the 100 percent recyclability of all Coca-Cola packages in Singapore as well as Coca-Cola RPET merchandise. 

The Recycle Happiness Machine gets its name from the fact that Coca-Cola, a product known for the happiness it brings, gives its bottles a second life by taking the beverage containers and recycling them into new items such as apparel. 

Recycle Happiness Machine at the Singapore Zoo 

For 2 Saturdays in November (20 and 27 November 2016), the Recycle Happiness Machine had a prominent position at the entrance of the Singapore Zoo. With signs strategically placed around the zoo, we reminded visitors to keep their bottles with them and to recycle them in the Recycle Happiness Machine.  

Recycle Happiness Machine at CapitaLand Malls

During the weeks leading up to Christmas in December 2016, we partnered with CapitaLand Mall Asia to give upcycled Coca-Cola bottles a new lease of life in the form of life-size snowy Christmas displays at two CapitaLand malls in Singapore – Raffles City Shopping Centre and Lot One Shoppers’ Mall. 

Shoppers not only stood to win exclusive Coca-Cola premiums by guessing the number of upcycled bottles used in the creative displays by posting their guesses on our Facebook page, they also got to recycle with the Recycle Happiness Machine.

The Recycle Happiness Machine contributes to Coca-Cola’s 2020 goal to reach a 75% recovery rate of bottles and cans in developed markets.