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The Coca-Cola Culture
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The Coca-Cola Culture

Coca-Cola Singapore exists to benefit and refresh everyone it touches.
Our beliefs stem from global ideals grounded in local insights and influences.

Coca-Cola takes responsibility for providing a wide variety of quality beverages so that parents, youth, children and all consumers will have enjoyable refreshment choices. Today, these choices include soft drinks, juices, waters, sports drinks, tea and coffee products and others - with more options to come in the future.

A Dynamic Place to Work
At Coca-Cola Singapore, we are guided by shared values that we will live by, as a company and as individuals.

Our Values

We believe in employee engagement at every level as the key to being the employer of choice, where people create extraordinary results everyday.

Not only do we refresh the world through our brands, we also inspire each employee with optimism and ignite the passion within every individual.

We strive to ensure that every single employee at Coca-Cola Singapore is equipped with adequate knowledge and opportunities to grow. An openness in communication is what drives the dynamism here.

Coca-Cola Culture
We believe the true ‘secret formula’ of Coca-Cola is its highly talented and motivated associates.

“We are a high performance team in a happiness factory with happy energy who takes ownership and pride in refreshing and inspiring the world around us. We leverage our rich individuality to grow the collective excellence”.

What’s it like to work at Coca-Cola?
We praise and encourage excellence in the workplace with Coca-Cola Red Tags.

We enjoy time out and snacks at the Playden.

Each associate goes shopping on their birthday (yes, it’s a holiday!) with vouchers to spend.

All new associates undergo a comprehensive on-boarding programme and are assigned a Buddy to help them with the transition.

We have opportunities to participate in global Coca-Cola properties such as the Olympics. Our ‘Go for Gold’ Employee Ambassador Programme for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games gives associates nominated by their peers a once-in-a-lifetime experience to be in Beijing to experience the excitement of the games and even meet star athletes.

Leadership is in the DNA of Coca-Cola. Every associate has a mentor to help cultivate their developmental needs and champion them in the organization.

Every employee’s career is discussed and their development is planned in a quarterly talent development forum.

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To download information about what it's like to work at Coca-Cola in pdf format, click here.


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