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Our Heritage

1936 : F&N bottles Coca-Cola in Singapore under franchise
In September 1883, three years before Dr John Stith Pemberton created Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Georgia, two enterprising printers in Singapore, John Fraser and David Neave , decided to diversify their investments and go into soft drinks. Together, they formed the Singapore Straits Aerated Water Company, Southeast Asia’s first aerated bottled water producer and the forerunner of Fraser and Neave Limited.

In 1936 F&N's soft drink division started to produce and bottle Coca-Cola in Singapore and Malaysia, becoming one of The Coca-Cola Company’s earliest franchisees in Asia.

1992: Joint Venture Signed
To cement the relationship between the two companies, a joint venture agreement was signed on May 11, 1992 to establish F&N Coca-Cola. The Coca-Cola Company had a 25% shareholding in the joint venture, and thus equity interests in F&N Coca-Cola’s joint ventures in Indochina and South West Asia. The Coca-Cola Company was also active in the management. and of F&N Coca-Cola.

F&N Coca-Cola expanded rapidly into new markets around the region, including Brunei, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

In September 1998, F&N Coca-Cola created a subsidiary, F&N Coca-Cola (Singapore) Pte Ltd to handle all aspects of business carried out in Tuas, Singapore. The purpose of this was to improve efficiency by focusing the management on developing the business in Singapore, and driving profitability in the beverage industry.

F&N Coca-Cola in the meantime, continued to handle the regional business and investment holding function.

1999: Coca-Cola buys bottling operations
In late July 1999, Fraser and Neave Limited sold their 75% of F&N Coca-Cola (Singapore) Pte Ltd to The Coca-Cola Company.

2010: Transition agreement
The bottling agreement for Coca-Cola to bottle F&N non-alcoholic brands was due to expire in early 2010, however an extension of our agreement for another 20 months was negotiated, to allow both parties to manage business implications and minimize the impact on operations, customers and other partners. As part of the evolution towards becoming a fully integrated Company-owned beverage organization in Singapore, the Singapore bottling business was renamed Coca-Cola Singapore Beverages Pte Ltd from January 2010.

2011 : Bottling agreement with F&N ends
In October 2011, the agreement between Coca-Cola and F&N to bottle F&N’s non-alcoholic brands in Singapore came to an end.

Today, the Coca-Cola business in Singapore is fully owned by The Coca-Cola Company continues to serve the Singapore market by producing, selling and distributing a total beverage portfolio.

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