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In October 2012, Coca-Cola together with 13 other food companies in Singapore signed a pledge to responsible marketing behavior that will be monitored and reported. Coca-Cola Singapore’s specific commitments are set out below:

The Coca-Cola Company respects the role of parents and caretakers in the lives of children, particularly as it relates to making appropriate dietary choices.

This policy is designed to help foster such parental guidance.

Television, Radio and Print
The Coca-Cola Company will not place any of our brands' marketing in television, radio and print programming made specifically for children. This means that we will not buy advertising in programs with a profile higher than 35% of children less than 12 years of age. We are sensitive to the fact that children may also be watching programs with their family, and we make every attempt to ensure that our advertising is appropriate for a general audience.

Internet and Mobile Phones
The Coca-Cola Company recognizes the growing use of the Internet and mobile phones amongst children. While we believe the Internet can be a wonderful learning tool and mobile phones a necessity, The Coca-Cola Company will make every attempt not to market our products on Internet sites/mobile phones targeted to children. Where data is available, we will not place our marketing messages on internet programs where more than 35% of the viewers are comprised of children.

School Beverage Availability and Advertising
When your children are in school, they are being supervised by school administrators and teachers. We will make our products available in schools only when asked by these school administration to offer them. We will work with school administration to offer children a broad range of products, much like you would do at home, to meet your child's changing needs throughout the school day.

We know that school classrooms are intended for learning math, science, reading and art. The Coca-Cola Company is committed to a commercial-free school classroom for children and we will make every attempt not to commercially advertise in primary schools.

Youth Education Programs
The Coca-Cola Company strives to be a responsible and responsive corporate citizen. Our system works proactively with local communities to develop these programs and sponsorships. While there may be some branding, the primary intention of these programs is education. Click here to learn more about our Step With It®, Singapore! programme in schools.

This policy is consistent with our long-standing global Responsible Marketing policy, which can be found here.


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