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What are Calories?
Calories or kcal are the measurement of the amount of energy or fuel that foods and beverages provide your body.

In other words, calories = energy for your body.

What’s the difference between kcal and kJ?
kilocalories (kcal) and kilojoules (kJ) are both measures of energy.
A kilocalorie, also known as a calorie, is larger

1 kcal = 4.2 kJ
1 kJ = 0.24 kcal

Do different foods provide different amounts of calories?
Yes. The bottom line is: All calories count

1 g carbohydrate = 4 calories
1 g protein = 4 calories
1g fat = 9 calories
1g alcohol = 7 calories

Why do I need to learn about calories?
Knowing about calories can help you make balanced choices for a healthy lifestyle.

The key to weight management is learning to balance calories consumed with calories expended. To maintain a healthy weight, they need to be equal.

This often requires tradeoffs—more physical activity to balance calories consumed, or more calories in when you are especially active, or fewer calories in if you are not expending as many as you are taking in.

Fortunately, there are no “good” or “bad” foods or beverages. It’s possible to fit all of your favorites into an active, healthy lifestyle through balance, variety and moderation—and being physically active. It’s not ‘what’ you consume, but the ‘how and how much’ in relationship to your nutritional needs and energy requirements

Why does The Coca-Cola Company provide Front of Pack caloric information?
Keeping track of calories can be a challenge. That’s why Coca-Cola has made a global commitment to place energy (calorie) information not just on the back of our products, but on the front as well. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to maintain a balanced, sensible diet while continuing to enjoy the beverages you love.

How do I manage my calorie intake, without sacrificing on taste?
One way to limit the number of calories you consume is to choose light, low-calorie and no-calorie versions of your favorite foods and beverages, or you can look for packages that provide smaller individual portion sizes. Weighing yourself at least once a week at the same time of the day is a good way to keep tabs on your energy balance because it allows you to make adjustments in your diet and exercise program before weight gain becomes a serious problem.

How does knowing about calories help me manage my health?
Calories in = calories out = weight maintenance. Evidence also suggests that maintaining a healthy balanced diet long term, is most easily achieved by also remembering to balance some other essential ingredients, such as pleasure, social motivations and convenience. Balance on all fronts is the key to a healthy lifestyle!


Read The Coca-Cola Company Policy on Nutrition Labelling.


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