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Drinking Water

Dasani drinking water has undergone stringent filtration processes to purify it and remove particles and impurities. In addition, an ozonation process helps to eliminate harmful micro-organisms. These strict quality control processes result in clean, refreshing and good tasting drinking water ideal in quenching thirst and hydrating your body.

Dasani drinking water complies with the guidelines for drinking water quality set by the World Health Organisation on mineral, chemical and microbiological properties.

About Dasani

Dasani was launched in 1999 and is North America's no. 1 favourite water brand.

Dasani brand was expanded geographically and is now available in 34 countries globally including Canada, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Kenya, Congo, Egypt, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Columbia and Paraguay.

Dasani was launched in Singapore in 2010.

Bulk Water

Available in two convenient sizes: 11.34 litres (3 Gallons) and 19 litres (5 Gallons).

  • FREE installation and delivery
  • NO DEPOSIT required
  • FREE servicing and maintenance as needed
  • Hassle-free ordering as our Customer Service Team will call you weekly to check on your needs
  • 24-hour hotline - 1800 860 4111 (toll-free)
  • Special deals for beverages from Coca-Cola Singapore Beverages' portfolio of international brands

To order Dasani Bulk Water, please call 1800 860 4111.

For for any other inquiries on Dasani, please call our Singapore Consumer Hotline at 1800 860 4000. Calls may be subject to airtime charges by your mobile service provider.


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