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Qoo launched in Singapore in July 2001.

About Qoo
Very little is known about the origins of the cute character Qoo (pronounced "koo"). It is said that the product name connotes the exclamation of pleasure many adult Japanese utter after downing a thirst-quenching beer. Coca-Cola believes that even children will learn to make the "Qoo" sound to show their satisfaction after drinking Qoo.

The Qoo drinker is someone who enjoys spending time with her friends, but enjoys daydreaming and living a carefree lifestyle, unburdened by life’s little troubles. The Qoo drinker is optimistic, vibrant, and walks with a spring in her step. She is envied by others for her eternally youthful outlook and joie de vivre.

Profile of the cartoon character Qoo

Sex: No one is really sure, from its behaviour it appears that it has both masculine and feminine traits.

Family: Since it appeared unexpectedly one day its origins are unknown, but is thought to be an only child.

Age: It is rumoured it is, in human years, between seven to ten years old.

Characteristics: Only says "Qoo!". Whenever it drinks Qoo its cheeks inflate.

Special Ability: Dance Likes: Baths, Qoo and friendly children, and tasty drinks

Dislikes: Children who bully others

Character: Although it is a child it thinks like an adult. Optimistic and easily elated. Relaxed, a little sensitive and a bit of a narcissist.

Favourite pose: Left hand filling a cup to the brim with Qoo, right hand resting gently on hip, head tilted slightly skywards drinking the cup of Qoo and expressing delight by saying "Qoo"!

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